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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Ah, it is that time of year once again. Time to deck the halls and hum those songs, bake some cookies, and turn on the holiday lights. I think we can all agree that it is especially important to enjoy the holidays this year. 2020 has been really heavy for so many of us, and this is the perfect time to reconnect with our loved ones.

For some of those loved ones, sex might be a favorite way to reconnect. After all, sex and masturbation help tune out the world and bring folks into the present moment. Plus, if you and your partner can’t get out much, perhaps instead you could get OFF much instead! Terrible jokes aside, A sexy gift might be just what some people need to feel good during what has been such a tough time. I think this year everyone deserves an extra bit of pleasure, so here are just a few recommendations for some sexy gifts I think are extra sweet.

*As usual, I would like to remind folks of how important it is to check in with your gift recipient to make sure a sexy sort of present is welcome. These things have the potential of making someone feel super uncomfortable and icky if unwanted, and no one wants to make their partner or pal feel that way. Even if it ruins the surprise, ask first!

For the one with classic taste: The Magic Wand Original

There is a reason this toy will go down in sex toy history. The original Magic Wand vibrator is a powerhouse. Beloved by many, this massager was intended to be just that, a way to soothe sore necks and backs. Folks found other (and arguably better) uses for it, and now it’s one of the most famous sex toys out there! It will be on the wishlists of many people for sure, so it might just be a good fit for your recipient as well.

For the fancy femme: Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Wand Massager

So your babe likes their toys a bit more lavish? Then might I suggest this luxurious rose gold beauty. This divine device is like the magic wand in shape and vibration, but smaller, more delicate, and just prettier. In the humble opinion of someone who just bought herself a pink set of pajamas with matching pink fluffy slippers, sometimes fancy things just feel better.

For the anal aficionado: B-Vibe Remote Control Rimming Plug

This fancy contraption features not only a smooth, rechargeable vibrating plug with a comfortable base and body-safe silicone, but its main feature is beads that rotate around the anal entrance. Plus, it is controlled via wireless remote from up to 30 feet. If you and your partner have tried anal plugs and beads and dildos, this is definitely something new and special to introduce a different sort of feeling. The words “vibration and rotation” are just music to the ears, right?

For the sex toy newbie: An affordable toy assortment

If you and your partner have been talking about foraying into sex toys but are not sure where to start, a hand-curated box of lower priced toys could be the perfect option to test out a variety of pleasures before purchasing more expensive ones. Perhaps a cock ring, masturbator, or combo butt-plug-cock-ring could tickle his fancy? Or for the booty-curious a butt plug or anal beads? Perhaps it’s about time to try a mini vibe or dildo! Ooh, and do not forget the lube.

For the lover of all things mushy-gushy: a romantic night in

This whole pandemic thing has done some damage to date night. For a sweet holiday gift from the heart, nothing says “I love you” quite like going on a cozy and romantic date without the risk of catching a deadly disease. Wrap up some lingerie, a heavenly-scented massage candle, a bouquet of flowers, a new fuzzy blanket, fluffy towel, or soft bathrobe, and some wine or fancy beverage of their choice. Sure, it is a stereotype, but some folks just love the cheesiness!

Plus, here are some of my favorite gag gifts:

You know what brings joy? Laughter. You know what brings laughter? Silly gifts. I do declare that everyone needs a novelty pair of underwear shaped like a chicken with a convenient beak-shaped pocket for someone’s bits. Plus, if you know anyone who recently went through a break-up or needs an inflatable punching bag on which to place someone’s face this “inflatable breakup bopper” is bound to get a laugh. Any artsy or anxious person might very well enjoy a “fuck off I’m coloring” coloring book (I mean, this one is even a bit practical. Coloring is rather soothing in these stressful times). Finally, I think we can all safely agree that 2020 was royally terrible, and this “cheers, bitches” banner is something every human being who has experienced this wild year needs to welcome in 2021.

Sex toy gift guides are so difficult to write because sex toys are so dependent on the recipent’s individual preferences. If you know your partner likes a nice focused clit stimulation, get them a toy that focuses all it’s goodness on the external bits. If your lover is more of an internal vibe kinda person, maybe a G-spot vibe would be more their jam. If they like fancy masturbatory devices, the Tenga Flip 0 Masturbator or Fleshlight Turbo Thrust each offer unique experiences. And hey, if you are really stumped on what to get them, a gift card may usually be regarded as a cop-out, but no one knows themselves better than themselves. 2020 was terrible, but that doesn’t mean this year’s holiday gift has to be. In fact, it might mean it needs to be extra special (no pressure, though). Happy holidays!