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2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Well would you look at that, Valentine’s day is just a few days away. If you find yourself staring at your screen cursing yourself for leaving the gift shopping until the last minute once again, we’ve got you covered. There’s no holiday more fitting for a sexy gift than Valentine’s day, and no matter what type of gift you’re after, you’re sure to find something that will fit! Here are just a few suggestions for that special someone:

Something Cute:

If your darling enjoys things that look oh-so-squishable, there are two absolutely adorable toys by Lelo that could be a perfect fit. The Sona looks like a little cartoon bird and features an intense air pressure technology designed to mimic oral sex. The Lily 2 is a more traditional clitoral vibrator that offers both broad and more focused sensations. Both have the silkiest of silicone and come in sweet delicate colors perfect for anyone partial to pastels.

Something Playful:

If you and your sweetie’s aesthetic involves bright cheerful colors, you simply must take a peek at the BS Atelier Alex. The rainbow on an aqua blue background is perfect for folks who can’t help but giggle during sex, who take snack breaks, and who keep their socks on. That sweet little rainbow around the shaft especially suits queer couples, perfect for showing some pride!

Something Romantic:

For the romantic couple, both the We-Vibe Unite and Eva Hands Free Vibrator are popular sex toy choices because they’re designed to be worn during penetrative sex. There they provide clitoral stimulation and even a bit of pleasure to the penis! The Unite does so by placing the inside arm into the vagina and the outside resting against the vulva, while the Eva snuggles into the labia to be positioned over the clitoris (brush up on your vulva anatomy here if these words sound unfamiliar to you!).

Something Adventurous:

Is your lover a bit more on the wild side? This Valentine’s day might just be the time to try something new and introduce some kink! This Under the Bed Restraint System turns a regular ol’ bed into a kinky playground, while the Spread the Love Bar provides a means of keeping ankles bound in a position that allows “easy access” if you catch my drift (wink).

Something Serious:

For more established kinksters looking to take their power exchange relationship to the next level, this BDSM contract is a great way to explore the rules and dynamics of your relationship. The book examines all sorts of aspects about a BDSM relationship, including how to communicate about the dynamic, the amount of control a dominant has over the submissive, goals, limits, and more. Of course, it doesn’t have to be serious, but it could definitely be an awesome springboard to starting the conversation about BDSM.

Something Helpful:

Sex can be uncomfortable and difficult for all sorts of reasons, one of which being physical pain or discomfort. If your sex life is stalling due to achy joints or painful intercourse, a Liberator position aid may be of help. These little foam wedges can be used for anything from simply allowing a different depth or angle of penetration to supporting sore backs and knees to make sex a more enjoyable experience. The heart wedge offers a Valentine’s theme, while the wedge and ramp combo features even more ways to decrease discomfort and increase pleasure.

As usual, the most crucial advice comes down to this: only gift a sex toy if you are sure the recipient wants a sex toy. Do not wrap up a giant pink dildo to place into the hands of someone you are unsure wants a giant pink dildo. Unwrapping a giant pink dildo when you don’t want one is super weird and uncomfortable. If you do not for sure know that someone would appreciate a sex toy as a gift, either discuss it with them prior, or choose a separate gift. Don’t be that guy.

Giant pink dildos aside, may your Valentine’s day be filled with love, romance, laughter, and great sex!