6 Items You Don't Want to Overlook for Your Sex Room

6 Items You Don't Want to Overlook for Your Sex Room

While there are plenty of reasons to love Netflix’s recent show “How to Build a Sex Room,” it’s not a perfect show. I found myself wondering why Melanie didn’t include certain products or not mentioning a few products that she clearly provided for her clients. Of course, I’m not privy to the behind-the-scenes details. Perhaps some things were mentioned but had to be cut for time, or Mel may have been limited to mentioning products from specific brands because of sponsorship. Either way, there are a few goodies you really shouldn’t overlook when creating your own perfect sex sanctuary.

1. Sex Blankets

First up, is a waterproof sex blanket. Whether the wet spot on the bed is moderate or massive, it can create arguments when it comes time to roll over for some ZZZs. Tossing down a waterproof blanket before you get between the sheets just makes sense, especially when you can throw it in the wash later. The best known–and most expensive–option is made by Liberator, but waterproof pet or stadium blankets also do the trick without doing a number on your budget.

This omission from the show is especially puzzling because Melanie does talk about golden showers when she requests her contractor install a drain when remodeling the polyfam’s downstairs bathroom to become a more luxurious space. So, it doesn’t make sense that she would be banned from talking about squirting, which is one of the best uses of a sex blanket. Plus, the plush textures of some of these blankets would look beautiful in the finished rooms.

2. Massage Candles

Although Melanie outfits almost every space she designs with candles (although, they tended to be designer candles when I could make out the brand), she never directly brings up the subject. Not only do candles create ambiance with light and scent, but wax play can be both romantic and sensual or kinky.

Massage candles made from soft oils that burn at a low temperature would make a great addition to any of the sex rooms, but they would have perfectly for Meaghan and Dave’s relaxing retreat. Two other couples, Raj + Ryan and Shenika and Matthew, seemed like they could have benefited sensual massage to connect with each other and their bodies.

On the other side of things, candles intended for kinky wax play are great if you’ve got a sadistic side or want to turn your partner’s skin into your canvas. They would have fit right into Orlando and Matt’s leather playroom. Unlike massage candles, the wax on these hardens and flakes off the skin when you’re done playing. Beware that you can’t do this with just any candle; otherwise, you or your partner might need medical attention for burns. Stick to those candles designed for wax play.

3. Lube

While Melanie left one client, Lisa, with multiple types of lube, including Intimate Organics flavored lube, she doesn’t really talk about it. Lube makes all sorts of sex more pleasurable and can help avoid pain and irritation of the sensitive vaginal and anal tissues. Sensation lubes that heat, cool, and tingle can all elevate those activities, even if you’re not particularly kinky. Some even come in pairs for each of you to apply to your body, which will create entirely new sensations when your bodies come together.

Finally, a silicone-based lube is a must for shower play because the water will wash any water-based lube right away. The super-slick and long-lasting formula can also be used for massages.

4. Safer Sex

Sure, condoms and dental dams aren’t as enthralling as a spanking horse or bondage bed, but they’re an essential part of safer sex for many people. I would have loved if Mel had at least offered some creative storage solutions for these items–maybe a decorative locked box or pillow with a secret compartment. A few One flavored condoms sprinkled on a surface wouldn’t have been out of place on the show, either.

5. Position Pillows

Several couples were lucky enough to end up with sex rooms that included a tantric lounge/sex chaise, but Melanie overlooked other props that can make it easier or more fun to have sex, especially if your bodies don’t quite match up. Liberator, which makes the sex blanket I mentioned above, is known for their memory foam sex pillows, and Cirilla’s carries a few options!

Wedge (and Wedge/Ramp combo)

Decor Heart

Jaz Motion

6. Prostate Stimulators

Prostate play didn’t get much attention on the show other than when Tricia and Gary told Melanie they’d experimented with pegging. It’s a shame, but perhaps because prostate play is viewed as a solo activity, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Couples who enjoy pegging can pick dildos with a curve to better hit the prostate, and hands-free prostate toys like those by Aneros can be worn during sex. B-vibe is even one of the companies that makes prostate massagers with attached penis rings that pull double duty during playtime.

7. Blindfolds

Viewers get to see Raj and Ryan wearing blindfolds in a recording booth as Melanie encourages them to speak dirty–and in the couple’s finished bedroom, but she missed the chance to talk about what makes a good blindfold. The blindfolds in the episode are contoured, which makes them more comfortable to wear while blocking out more light than the flimsy blindfolds that come as bonuses with most sex toys. In fact, I’ve tossed more of those blindfolds than I care to remember.

Instead I use a contoured leather blindfold with a larger elastic strap, which reduces pressure on my nose, much like the Edge Leather Blindfold. My blindfold doesn’t have an adjustable strap, however, but it’s a similar shape that covers more of the face to block out light. Sportsheets’ Beginner’s Bondage Kit includes a soft fabric blindfold in a similar shape that would also be better than wearing a blindfold that looks like a sanitary pad.

Perhaps if “How to Build a Sex Room” returns for a second season, Melanie will give more attention to the goodies she overlooked in the first season. Still, you’ve got this list to complement the products featured by the designer. And while not every sex room needs all these items, these products are easy to recommend for most people.