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A Primer On Hand and Finger Vibrators

A Primer On Hand and Finger Vibrators

You have really got to hand it to sex toy makers; they think of everything! While some toys imitate penises and others take on fantastic designs, others are designed to be extensions of our bodies. Yes, I am talking about hand and finger toys! Now, you are not alone if you never gave these toys a second thought. They are small and easy to overlook, but they also promise to adapt to our bodies and pleasure styles rather than the other way around.

There are several types of hand and finger toys; although, they all tend to be vibrators. They are ideal for clitoral stimulation, or you can try them while stroking yourself or a partner or giving a massage.

Finger Vibrators

These vibes slip or clip onto a single digit, occasionally two, via ring, strap, or sheath. They typically consist of a small bullet or egg vibrator, which may run on small batteries, in a sleeve and operate with a single button. Most have finger shapes or simply follow the vibrators’ contours inside; although, a few are shaped like animals and have nubby textured. Many of these vibrators can be removed from the sleeves and used on their own.

You will notice that modern designs like Dame’s Fin are more sleek and even ergonomic and may be larger with a space to rest your palm in addition to your fingers. Some even have internal batteries. VeDo offers a more affordable option called Ayu that comes in two-packs that have sleek, friendly designs. Although not officially classified as finger vibrators, California Exotics’ Mini Marvels collection of vibrators includes the Marvelous Teaser and Marvelous Massager are both designed to fit between two fingers, allowing you to use them similarly to how you might masturbate with just your hand. The company also makes several traditional finger vibes.

Palm Vibrators

A subset of finger vibrators stands out from the rest that is sometimes called “G-spot gloves.” These toys typically look more like a dildo that you slip a finger or two into with the base and bullet vibrator resting in the palm of your hand. Depending on the length of your arms, they might not work well for solo sex. However, they can allow you to fuck a partner in a new and unique way. During use, the vibrator can stimulate your’s partner clitoris or perineum. If this sounds interesting, check out the Double Finger Banger Vibrating G-spot Glove, Surenda Finger F*cker Pink Vibrator, or Vibrofinger Ribbed Finger Massager.

Hand Vibrators

Hand vibrators expand on the idea by turning every finger into a vibrator. At least, that is what the toymakers would have you believe! Sometimes these toys are gloves that you wear like the Japanese Fukuoko Glove, which comes in right and left-hand variants, or they may consist of a power pack and five individual extensions or rings that you slip onto your hand similar to Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch or the Dobla Double Finger Massager.

Unfortunately, hand vibrators can be a little hard to find, so if you want to try one, you may have to go the do-it-yourself route and insert a small vibrator into a glove. Whether DIY or commercial, hand vibrators are not always that sexy, and sometimes they are not an improvement over using a traditional vibrator or clitoral massager. This brings me to my next point.

Both finger and hand vibrators suffer from a few faults. These toys are not the most powerful because of their small size and power source, but they are agile and good for warmup or when playing with a partner. Furthermore, those vibrations may become dull if you press your fingers firmly into your body or that of your partner. A light touch often helps these vibrators perform their best. Fit is also a concern if your fingers are wider than the toy is designed for or if you have large or long hand and want to use a hand vibrator. Finally, you may find that wearing a vibrator on your hand or fingers quickly becomes uncomfortable.

For all their shortcomings, hand and finger vibes are typically beginner-friendly, affordable, and not intimidating. They can also offer a solution for people with arthritis or other dexterity issues that make it difficult to consistently grip palm-style vibrators.