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Autoblow 2+: (Extra Tight Edition Male Masturbator)

Autoblow 2+: (Extra Tight Edition Male Masturbator)

Autoblow 2+: (Extra Tight Edition Male Masturbator)

If you are a penis holder, then you know for a fact that for decades, men have had to put up with average sex toys. Then out of nowhere, Autoblow 1 cropped up. It offered some relief for a while. There was hope that finally, something good if not better was in the offing for men. But before men fully savored in its glory, the model's successor, Autoblow 2+ came calling. This was and still is a sex toy like no other. It flies off the shelves for reasons which, as you're about to find out, can only be described as sublime. Read on to learn more.

What Is Autoblow 2+?

Before Autoblow 2, all major brands of sex toys for men were manually operated. This was a raw deal to some extent because it meant you'd have to grip your toy with your hand to hold it in position before stroking your joystick back and forth. Autoblow 2 changed all that by automating everything. That's not everything, though.

Note that Autoblow 2 uses exactly the same concept as Autoblow 1. The only difference (which is a big difference by the way) has everything to do with execution. While Autoblow 1 was battery-powered, Autoblow 2 is a strictly plug-in toy. It also comes complete with an all-metal motor designed to stroke the penis for more than 500 hours with adjustable speeds. The icing on the cake is its removable mouth-shaped and sensual sleeve made of artificial skin material.

It won't take you long before you realize how tight Autoblow 2 is. This is not a fluke but rather a deliberate perk for not just your convenience but pleasure. Two spring-loaded beads are the reasons behind the tight grip. Besides guaranteeing a tight grip, the beads are also designed to amplify the sleeves' lifespan.

Power up Autoblow 2 and the first thing you'll hear is its powerful motor rumbling. Make no mistake, though, the motor isn't noisy. It is also not whisper quiet. Think of it as just loud enough to get the job done (Which job you ask? the blowjob, man. What else?). The motor operates the toy's ring of beads. The beads then rotate a wheel which moves the beads up and down the sleeve's shaft. The up and down motion is all you need for a euphoric orgasm. You can, of course, adjust the speed settings to your liking.

You don't have to worry about Autoblow 2's size. Think of it as small yet powerful enough to give you a clench-fisting orgasm. It is only 8.6 inches tall with a sizeable diameter of just 4 inches. This means you can easily hold it or travel with it for that orgasm whenever and wherever you need it. 

Notable Features

When it comes to sex and sex toys, first impressions matter. Autoblow 2 isn't a let-down in that regard. Its packaging is well thought out to exude a product you'll instantly fall in love with. Unlike many other toys, Autoblow 2's packaging won't bore you with too much marketing. The designers decided to have the toy do much of the marketing. Open the box and there she is! The sleeve is right next to the toy with a power cable. Forget about all that though. The real notable features are:

Doesn't Use Batteries - Remember the aforementioned powerful motor? You certainly do. You won't need lots of batteries to power it up. This would mean a bulky toy, something that would certainly be a deal-breaker. To avoid that, the motor only roars to life when plugged into a wall outlet. As far as safety is concerned, Autoblow 2 uses a UL listed AC to DC converter adapter. That explains why it can run for more than 500 hours with ease.

Interchangeable Sleeves - Want to feel like you're having a real blowjob. Better yet, craving for a tighter sensation? Autoblow 2 offers you a simple solution with sleeves that come in three different sizes. It doesn't matter how big your penis is. There's size A for penis with 3-5" girth, size B (included) for the average 4-5.5" girth and size C for the thicker guys with a 5-6.5" in girth. As far as length is concerned, all sleeves can take as much as you have to give!

Hands Free Design - Think of a sex toy that does everything on you, for you! That's exactly what Autoblow 2 is all about. Once you've held it in place, close your eyes and savor the moment. Be sure to choose the speed of your liking. Autoblow 2 will then carry on from there, stroking you till you cum!


Ease of use is also one of the main perks that come along with Autoblow 2. There's really no learning curve. Fit the sleeve inside the toy. Once the sleeve is fitted in its place, plug in the adapter into the toy then into the wall socket. Power up the toy then choose the speed you're most comfortable with. Make sure you're fully erect before slipping your penis into the toy. For maximum pleasure, use some water-based lube on your penis. Add some lube too on the sleeve. Once you're fully inside the toy, lie or sit in a comfortable position. Let the toy run its magic show until you're satisfied.

Wrap Up

You'll most certainly have some fluid left inside the sleeve after every use. This shouldn't be a problem because cleaning the sleeve is easy. Use plain soap and running lukewarm water. Make sure the sleeve is completely dry before using it again. Then by all means, and for obvious reasons, avoid sharing the sleeves.