Beyond the Rabbit - Dual Stimulators You'll Love

Beyond the Rabbit - Dual Stimulators You'll Love

Although rabbit vibrators may have changed lives on Sex and the City, many found themselves disappointed with these dual stimulators in person. Because rabbit vibrators stimulate internally (vagina and G-spot) and externally (clitoris), they need to fit your anatomy better than toys only designed with one person. This has left a lot of people swearing off dual stimulators altogether. However, if you’ve ignored this type of toy because of previous negative experiences, you might want to give today’s dual stimulators a chance. They’re different from rabbits of the past.

Dual Stimulators Introduce Suction

The most popular toys on the market aren’t vibrators; at least, they don’t just vibrate. Instead, clitoral suction toys use pulses of air to provide sensations unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. While these toys started out as single-function toys, many dual stimulators now combine internal vibrations with air pulse technology.

You might have heard of one of the leaders in the field: Womanizer. The company’s Pleasure Air toys were the first to offer clitoral suction. Womanizer still makes luxury sex toys for discerning consumers. You can try the InsideOut or Duo, both with curved shafts that help the toys fit a variety of bodies.

However, you’re not limited to one company when it comes to these new dual stimulators. Evolved Novelties offers several options, including the Triple Infinity Heated Suction Vibrator. Of course, Lelo has gotten in on the action with their Enigma. Inmi also makes a few options in its Shegasm line. While a relative newcomer, Lora DiCarlo makes premium toys such as the Ose 2. For a more affordable option, check out Blush’s Lush Iris.

Dual Stimulation for Prostates Too

Several prostate toys are technically dual stimulators with internal and external arms. For example, the Renegade Revival is a fan favorite at a reasonable price if you like vibration. And Aneros is known for toys that provide intense stimulation even without vibrations. Check out the Helix Syn, which fits snugly against the prostate.

Additionally, some toys stimulate the prostate or anus and other body parts. The Performance Cock Ring Plug is cock ring and plug in one. You’ll find a similar toy, the Snug & Tug, which includes a weighted plug with the cock ring. Of course, there are similar options that vibrate, too.

Unique Toys for Dual Stimulation

Manufacturers have always recognized the opportunity to create unique sex toys that stimulate more than one body part, usually the clitoris and vagina. The following experimental toys might confuse you at first, but their innovative designs might be just what you need to finally enjoy dual stimulation.

●Pipedream’s 3Some Double Ecstasy has two arms, which can provide dual stimulation or be used during couple’s play.

●Rocks Off, the maker of the Rock Chick, is back with the streamlined Two-Vibe.

●The O Venus Clitoral Stimulator might look pretty strange, but it’s designed specifically to pleasure you inside and out.

●While the Shegasm 8X Tandem might look a little strange, the bendable toy conforms to your body.

●You’ve never seen anything as unique as the Snailvibe, which evokes images of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

●NS Novelties’ INYA lets you grind against the external stimulator while the internal arm buzzes away.

●Any of We-Vibes toys, including the Unite and Match, work as well for solo play as they do with a partner.

●Satisfyer makes similar but more affordable toys such as the Double Whale.

●Lelo’s Ida rotates internally and vibrates externally to boot.

●MysteryVibe makes a luxury toy, the Crescendo, that is bendable and app-controlled.

●If you’re into anal stimulation, Rocks Off makes the Cocktail, a plug with an insertable arm for vaginal stimulation. Plus, you can wear it during intercourse.

●With its enlarged base, the Ballistic Realistic Dual Motor Vibrator doesn’t leave your clitoris out in the cold.

Classic Rabbit Vibes

Of course, you can still find more traditional rabbit vibes if you are a fan–or if you’ve never had a chance to try them before. These days, rabbits are typically made from body-safe silicone and have internal batteries, so you don’t have to worry about loading up a finicky and bulky battery pack with four batteries! This means many rabbits are waterproof, too.

Rabbits also look sleeker than ever, and many have multiple motors, so they’re strong all over and not just in one spot. And with thrusting, heating, and wave sensations, you can treat yourself to a variety of sensations. Finally, you can even get smart vibes that you–or a partner–can control right from your phone.

Check out the following classic rabbits with new functions!

Lelo Ina Wave

Je Joue FiFi

Lelo Ina 2

We-Vibe Date Night Special Edition Couple’s Vibrator Set

Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Thrusting Rabbit

There’s likely something on this list that appeals to you, even if you aren’t a fan of rabbit vibrators. If not, you won’t have to wait long for a sex toy maker to come up with something new and exciting that stimulates two (or more!) body parts at the same time.