Celebrate Pride and Pleasure This June

Celebrate Pride and Pleasure This June

It’s June, and you know what that means: Pride! What better way to celebrate than to treat your queer self to some sex toys that you can enjoy with a partner? And if you can do so while supporting queer toy makers? Even better! Keep reading for ideas of toys to buy and try this month, no matter who you love or love to fuck!

Starting with Strap-Ons

Strap-ons might just be one of the queerest of sex toys. And if you think they can only be used by women who love women (WLW), think again! Hollow strap-ons can add girth and width to any penis, while traditional harnesses with dildos work well for pegging. Check out the options below to get started.

New Comer's Strap-On Kit includes a 5-inch silicone dildo that’s comfortable for vaginal and anal penetration.

Zoro 6.5" Hollow Strap-On attaches to a sexy elastic waistband, which comes with the toy, and contours to the body. The clever design includes a hole that allows for vaginal penetration while wearing, penis stimulation while wearing it or double penetration. This toy is made for every body!

Anal Explorer Pegging Kit is another Sportsheets option. It includes the 5-inch dildo from the New Comer’s Kit and a larger 6.5-inch dildo.

Dual Penetration Thigh Strap On can be used by anyone for glorious thigh humping and grinding while leaving the wearer’s penis or vagina free. But adding two toys makes DP possible, too!

If you’re looking for the perfect dildo to use with your harness, you’ve got plenty of options, too. For example, the Her Royal Harness Vibrating ME2 Probe provides stimulation to the clitoris while in use, while the Lennox 8" Silicone Hollow Vibrating Dildo is perfect for those with a penis who want to offer something a little more to their partners.

BS Atelier makes a whole line of harness-compatible dildos with Pride themes, including the G-Spot Rainbow Dildo. And their Alex Galaxy 6" Silicone Dildo is too gorgeous not to mention.

Finally, you can make using a strap-on more comfortable with the OVE Dildo & Harness Silicone Cushion, which wraps around the base of a dildo to reduce pubic bruising. Similar toys also include stimulating textures for the wearer.

Another option to consider is the “strapless” strap-on. These toys insert vaginally, and you use your muscles to control them while penetrating your partner. Strapless toys are trickier to use, and not everyone likes them. Some people find they only really work with a harness. Still, if you’re interested in the concept, check out the waterproof, vibrating Rechargeable Silicone Love Rider Strapless Strap-On.

Pack with Pride

Not everyone wants to wear a toy for playtime. Packers are a great way to experiment with or affirm your gender, and the Performance 5" Packer has a 5-star review from shoppers! Choose from one of the two shades to fill out your pants and get people wondering about your package. If they’re lucky, they might just get to see it!

Games Can Be Gay, Too

Have you always wanted to play a sex game but noticed that they’re super straight? Yea, it’s a bummer. Fortunately, companies are paying attention and designing games and other goodies that can be used by anyone. For example, Kheper Games makes these sex dice, which are an unintimidating way to explore different activities with a partner. The same company makes a game called Sex!!! Not only is the game queer-friendly, but it’s not just limited to couples. Thruples and quads can also give it a go.

Show Your Support for Queer Makers

If you can, support queer toy makers this (and every) month. Vixen, New York Toy Collective, and Funkit Toys all make awesome dildos. Agreeable Agony and Aslan leather offer products that are perfect for tying up your partner, whether you prefer rope or leather. Indie toy makers like those especially benefit from your patronage, no matter which month it is.

Of course, almost any toy can be used by any person if you get creative. Try slipping a vibrating cock ring on a dildo, sandwiching a couple or clitoral vibrator between your bodies and grinding, using a finger vibrator while stimulating your partner’s G-spot, or stroking your partner with a Tenga Egg. Teasing your partner with a remote-controlled vibrator is an option for anyone. Queerness isn’t about your bodies or activities as much as it is about you being true to yourself.

Just remember to use lube with any penetrating toys. It also feels great with strokers. A quality water-based lube like System Jo is compatible with every toy and activity, while hybrid lube can feel fantastic. Remember the sexual health products that keep you happy and satisfied. Condoms? Dental dams? Fisting gloves? Check, check, and check!

Filling up your toy box or toolkit and exploring your sexuality authentically can be a powerful way to recognize Pride. And once you’ve got goodies you love, you can continue to do so all year long!