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Naughty Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Naughty Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you still haven’t purchased a holiday gift or two for your lover, don’t fret. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and that’s changed life as we know it. For instance, your budget might be a little tighter this year. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a thoughtful gift, especially if your ultimate goal is to spend more time with the one you love.

Gifts Under $10

The following sexy presents aren’t just thoughtful. They’re affordable, too! You’ve got to see these low prices to believe them.

●Try something new and experiment with power exchange with the Bedroom Commands Card Game.

●When your partner rubs the creamy Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm on you, your nipples will tingle. Things will really heat up when they lick it off.

●Water-based lube is like a little black dress; it goes with everything! You’ve probably heard of System Jo’s H2O formula because it’s been a fan favorite for years! In addition to washing off easily, it’s compatible with any toy or condom.

●Another Jo product. Refresh Foaming ToyCleaner, ensures your toys get squeaky clean after use.

●After clearing, you can pop your toys in Blush’s Safe Sex Antibacterial Toy Bag for storage. It comes in three different sizes.

●If you want something flavored for oral sex, Jo has you covered yet again with their water-based flavored lubricant in seven different flavors!

●When it comes to staying harder for longer, a steel cock rings, and this one does just the trick. Make sure to carefully measure around your penis and testicles and avoid a cock ring that’s too small.

●For less than $10, you can’t go wrong with Tenga Egg Strokers. The company makes these super stretchy, one-time-use strokers that come in unique packaging. Plus, you can choose from six different textures.

●Finally, hosiery makes a perfect little stocking stuffer. Whether you prefer a backseam, lace thigh highs, crotchless pantyhose, white bridal stockings, or even a full bodystocking, we’ve got you covered–partially, at least.

Gifts Under $25

You and your lover can have a great time without hurting your wallet, thanks to these affordable sex toy gift ideas.

●Who says romance is dead? The You and Me Game is here to prove it isn’t. The adventures on the cards aren’t just sexy, they can bring you closer together.

●A spritz of Simply Sexy Pheromone Infused Perfume creates a scent that’s uniquely you to boost your confidence and sex appeal.

●After lighting this edible massage candle, the wax will melt into a warm pool that you can pour onto your lover’s skin and lick off. Try all five flavors!

Afterglow Cleansing Tissues are perfect for cleaning up the mess on your body or toys, and this pack fits in your luggage, too.

●The Odax Sensation Wheel looks harsh, but looks can be deceiving. The sensation depends entirely on how forcefully you roll it across your partner’s skin.

●With the Heart Beat Crop, you can inflict the perfect amount of pain on the one you love and leave marks on their body, too.

●Or, you can check out the XOXO Paddle, which will leave a delicious pattern on your lover’s skin.

●Do you find yourself staring longingly at bondage but finding it a bit intimidating? These Silky Sash Restraints are the perfect compromise. Use them to bind ankles, wrists, or eyes.

Feathered Nipple Clamps please your eyes as much as they make your partner squirm.

●The spiraled material of the Tenga Air Flow Cup will take your breath away.

●Whether your erection needs a boost or you love how suction feels, check out the Performance VX101 Male Enhancement Pump.

●Booty Call’s Booty Rocker Plug is narrow and curved at the base and tip for your comfort.

●For a good time, try the Luxe Be Me 3 Silicone Anal Beads. You can easily add them during solo or partnered play.

●A strong, solid vibrator is a must in every toybox, and the First Time Power Vibrator delivers on both counts.

●Have you ever wanted to try chastity? Perhaps cock cages seem a bit drastic. Try out the kink with the Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage, which is great for beginners.

Sexy Gifts Under $50

When you’ve got a little more to spend, any of these sensual gifts will surely bring a smile to your lover’s face.

●If you’re looking to infuse your love life with something new, why not check out Foria Awaken Natural Arousal Oil with CBD? After applying the aromatic oil to your vulva (including clitoris) and vagina, you’ll experience heightened arousal and pleasure!

●For your first forey into bondage, you can’t do better than a Bed Bondage Restraint Kit, which lets you turn any standard bed into bondage furniture!

●Satisfyer makes affordable toys that let you experience the newest craze–air suction toys! The Satisfyer Pro Traveler makes a great gift because it’s sleek, portable, and affordable!

●Whether you’re queer, into pet play, or just love rainbows, the Unicorn Tails Silicone Butt Plug can satisfy your fetish. The plug gives you that filling sensation while wearing it, and the gorgeous tail hangs down for decoration.

●A glass dildo is perfect for stuffing your stocking (and other parts!). We’ve got two to check out, the gorgeous Purple Rain that’s ribbed on one end with contoured ands and a gently-curving shaft in transparent purple and the Spiral Staircase, a straight dildo with gorgeous pink ridges on one side and delicious nubs on the other.

●Glass isn’t your style? Not to worry because Cici is a high-quality medium dildo made from body-safe silicone that will fit your harness, too. Did we mention the flared based makes it safe for anal in adition to vaginal play? And it comes in two gorgeous colors!

●Don’t let the name fool you. The Anal Explorer Pegging Kit is the perfect strap-on kit for anal or vaginal penetration. It comes with a small and medium dildo, and with the three included O-rings, you can add your favorite toy (such as the Cici), instead.

●Finally, Sportsheets’ Neck and Wrist Restraint is perfect for those who want to take their bondage games to the next level! Your partner wears the collar around their neck, while the cuffs bind their wrists behind their back or in front of them. Connect the cuffs to one of the four pairs of D-rings to further immobilize your partner. What fun!

There you have it: plenty of gift ideas for the holidays (or other special days) that you can feel good about giving without worrying (too much) about price!