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New Year, New Things to Try in Bed

New Year, New Things to Try in Bed

I know I do not speak for just myself when I say that I’m glad 2020 is behind us. It was a trying year for many, and we are all looking forward to what 2021 will bring. However, while things are back to more-or-less normal, many of us are still spending more time at home than usual. On the bright side, that means there is plenty of new things to try in bed. If you are adventurous, you might have tried some of the things on this list. That does not mean there are not more new things to try, though!


The great thing about bondage is what a broad category it is--there is almost guaranteed to be some type of bondage that appeals to you, even if you are not generally a fan of small spaces or being constrained. Plus, it is fun for the partner who gets to restrict their partner in any number of ways.

If you want to try out bondage, you do not actually need any implements. You can simply hold down your partner’s body, or they can instruct you not to move a body part. It is fun and trickier than it sounds! Handcuffs are an excellent way to try out bondage gear without being too intimidating. They can bind together both wrists, but you also have the option to cuff someone to the bedframe and leave one hand free. From there, you can move to ankle cuffs, spreader bars, and hogties. There is no shortage of materials from nylon to leather to metal, and ff you are interested in rope bondage, there are plenty of tutorials that will show you how to tie knots and make restraints, some of which are quite intricate and beautiful.

Bondage is not just about the limbs, however. There are plenty of other types of bondage to consider. Even a blindfold is a type of bondage, as are mouth gags, which restrict the movement of the mouth and breathing. You can even use headphones or earplugs for the ears, and there are a variety of hoods that reduce more than one sensation. Of note is genital bondage. Think chastity belts and devices such as cock cages that prevent access, orgasm, or even pleasure, all of which can be fun during roleplay.

For those bondage lovers who just cannot get enough, there is an entire world of custom-made bondage gear and furniture. Of course, under-the-bed and over-the-door restraints are a cost-effective way of turning your regular bedroom into a bondage dungeon. But you can certainly go all out with your purchases or even do it yourself if you are crafty!

Double Penetration

Next up on our list of new things to try is double penetration. This is an excellent activity because the pressure from double penetration can increase sensation and the feeling of being full. Now, you might automatically think that you will need at least three people to try this activity, but that’s not true as long as you have the right sex toys!

Double penetration is possible with a partner’s penis in either the vagina or anus and a vibrator or dildo in the other orifice (if it goes in the butt, it should have a flared base to be safe). The penetration partner can hold the toy, or there are strap-on harnesses that make double penetration possible whether the giver has a penis or not. And if there are no penises available, two toys can easily do the trick!


While spanking might not be the most exciting activity for everyone, it opens the doors to all sorts of impact play, and it is something you can try with no special props. All you need to do is slap your partner’s ass, which is accessible during many sex positions. Over-the-knee spanking is also especially popular and works well with skirts and dressed--or bare asses!

Of course, technique matters, so you will want to aim for the fleshiest part of their butt and avoid hitting bone. With a little practice, you can become an expert spanker--or enjoy being spanked by an expert! This opens the doors to all sorts of roleplaying and scenes that are centered around spanking, including specialty spanking furniture. Just remember to incorporate aftercare; there are spanking balms to ensure proper healing.

If you find that basic spanking no longer hits the spot, then you might want to move onto other impact play toys. You can choose from:

  • Floggers
  • Whips
  • Paddles
  • Taws
  • And more

Each of these items requires different skills. Whips require quite a bit of skill to master if you don’t want to hurt your partner, especially if they are long. However, you can find beginner-friendly paddles and floggers and experiment with different materials and builds to find the perfect intensity for you and your partner!


Finally, we have roleplaying, which is a fun bedroom activity that can incorporate all the goodies listed above and then some! If you like lingerie or playing dress-up or want to get out of your head for sex, then roleplaying might be for you.

There are plenty of traditional scenarios: school, work, the doctor’s office, military, sex worker, incest, or a traffic stop, to name just a few. However, you can switch up the scenarios and roles to fit you and your partner. You can also play with taboo topics such as group sex or religious themes via roleplaying, which allows you to experience some fantasies without necessarily having to go through with them. And if you find that playing the roles is not enough, you just might want to try out those fantasies for real!

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list, but it covers a variety of activities and items that you can try out in the bedroom if you are looking for something new to do this year!