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Sex Toys to Treat Yourself With For Halloween

Sex Toys to Treat Yourself With For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, which means you might be busy decorating, picking costumes, and buying candy. Do not forget to treat yourself with a little something this Halloween. There are plenty of sex toys and goodies to help you celebrate the spooky season.

Now, I have taken some liberties when crafting this list. Some of these items match the Halloween color theme (black, purple, orange, or green), others glow in the dark, and others still would work as costume accessories. There is something for everyone and plenty to enjoy during the other 364 days of the year!

Max 8.5" Silicone Dildo

Everyone needs a quality silicone dildo, and Max is sure to please with its slightly contoured head. Not only is its bold orange color perfect for Halloween, but the handmade dildo is has a flared base that makes it harness compatible and safe to use anally!

ONE Glowing Pleasures Condom

While it might be a bit of a stretch to call a condom a costume, safer sex has never been this fun, thanks to a glow-in-the-dark sheath! Whether you wrap your penis or a partner’s, you can pretend it’s a lightsaber or simply enjoy how it looks during penetration.

Neon Green & Glow-in-the-Dark Star Nipple Pasties

These pasties are a bit over the top. They are neon green, star-shaped, and glow-in-the-dark. If you like having all eyes on you, however, they are perfect! Why not put on a striptease for your partner?

Je Joue MiMi Vibrator

MiMi might be more cute than spooky with its purple silicone, but you cannot hold it against the clitoral stimulator. The palm-sized pebble packs a punch. Plus, it is discreet and small enough to travel with.

His Rules Bondage Bow Tie

If you ever wanted to try out your own version of Magic Mike, look no further than this bondage bow tie from the Fifty Shades Darker collection. The silky band function as a bow tie and no one will be the wiser that you can also use it to type up your lover.

Masquerade Mask

Whether you plan to go out on the town for Halloween or spend the night inside with just your partner, this masquerade mask is the perfect accessory. The glamorous glitter and lace mask evokes thoughts of Venice, and the satin ties are elegant. If you want a mask that’s a bit more neutral, try the Blackout Mask from Sex & Mischief. The contoured mask prevents the wearer from seeing anything after securing it in place and looks sexy to boot!

Spandex Open Mouth Hood

Another accessory that almost seems designed with Halloween in mind is this spandex hood. While the hood covers your eyes and nose, blocking out most light, it leaves your mouth open for all sorts of naughty activities. Pair it with our spandex opera gloves for a complete look.

Web Bed Restraint System

This web-shaped restraint system is as sexy and spooky as it is practical. The under-the-bed restraint system turns any bed into a kinkster’s dream. The web offers several locations to which you can attach your lover’s wrists and ankles so that you can experiment with various bondage positions. Only your creativity limits you!

The Jawbreaker Gag

Halloween would never be complete without candy. Thankfully, this Jawbreaker gag has you covered. After strapping it on, the candy ball will prevent you from speaking. As you wear it, the candy dissolves in your mouth. You can even buy replacement candy for this ball gag. The gag itself comes apart for easy cleaning.

Booty Bling Large Jeweled Silicone Plug

This bejeweled butt plug combines two of our favorite Halloween colors: black and purple. The sleek plug is made from black silicone and has a long, narrow neck and rounded tip for comfort while you wear it. During use, the faceted purple gem is visible to anyone who has a glimpse of your gorgeous behind.

Halloween is all about treats, so there is no reason not to buy yourself a little something!