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Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day

Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day

It does not typically feel nice to be alone on Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or cannot be with your partner, but there are perks from saving money to masturbating. One of the best parts of masturbation is that you do not have to prepare or be concerned about what a partner thinks. You can skip the shower and lingerie if you just want to get off. There is no one there to care if your hair is a mess or your teeth are not brushed. But that does not mean you can’t treat yourself. In fact, who knows you better?! If you are stumped for ways to treat yourself this month, keep reading.

Bath and Body

Self-care is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you are with a partner or not. For many people, taking the time to enjoy a soothing bath or shower, cleansing, and using bath and body products is an excellent form of self-care. Fortunately, you can buy all sorts of products from sex toy retailers. From body wash to bubble bath to shave cream to scents, you have got options. Of course, you are not limited to adult retailers. Whether you love a bath bomb from Lush or a specific face mask, give yourself time to use and enjoy it as you prepare for your Valentine’s Day--or night.


Although we typically think of lingerie as something that is worn--and taken off-for a partner, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy it solo. Seeing yourself in a sexy babydoll and thigh-high stockings or a new pair of underwear can be a great reminder of how powerful and sexual you are and can turn you on. Pick something out that will feel good and flatter your product and slip into it after you have slathered your body with lotion or sprayed your favorite scent. Add some accessories, even if it feels a bit “extra.” You deserve it.

The Right Media

For some people, spending February 14th solo means they want to enjoy a romantic movie. Others want to distract themselves with an action or comedy. Others want to binge their favorite guilty-pleasure TV show. There is no shortage of options, including sexy media. Whether you want to tune into a movie with a scene that always gets you going, stream something a little more explicit, or read an erotic story, there is plenty to get you inspired for a bit of self-love. Mix and match your favorite media with something new to spice it up. And there is no reason why you cannot enjoy this media all year round.

Sex Toys

Of course, one of the best ways to treat yourself to a little self-love is with a sex toy, and we have got plenty of recommendations, including those that can be used with a partner should the opportunity arise in the future.

  • Vibrators can be good for vaginal, anal, clitoral, or penile stimulation, but there is nothing stopping you from using them elsewhere.
  • Dildos are good for vaginal or anal penetration (always use something with a flared base for anal play).
  • The broad category of masturbators contains a multitude of options for those people with penises.
  • You can even try bondage on yourself with cuffs, rope, tape, or other implements, and impact play toys such as paddles can be used solo, too.
  • Do not forget to add some lube to make the entire experience more fun and enjoyable.

Of course, you are not limited to any one type of sex toy or even one sex toy. Sex toy kits precisely for those people who want to explore variety. There’s also no reason to buy a new one if you’ve got ol’ reliable on standby. You can have a marathon session with yourself this Valentine’s Day if you would like--or stop after just one orgasm. And if you do not want to do anything sexual at all? Enjoy the peace and quiet or rock out to your favorite band. The key to treating yourself any day of the year is doing what you want.